We should talk if …

Gryphon Solutions’ consulting services are designed to overcome costly problems frequently found to undermine trust in and satisfaction with IT departments.

… any of the following sound familiar:

  • IT deliverables are frequently late and/or over budget
  • Managers and executives are frustrated by multiple reports with the same column title but different numbers underneath
  • Thrashing of resources among IT projects due to crisis driven priorities results in lost energy, time and money
  • Turnover of IT staff is costly and it takes many months until new staff is productive
  • Failure to prioritize multiple “top” priority IT projects results in key business needs not being addressed
  • The backlog of report requests has business areas frequently rolling their own, causing quality and data clarity issues
  • We have lots and lots of data, but finding what is needed when it is needed can be challenging and time consuming
  • Sometimes managers and executives don’t bother to ask IT for information they need
  • Sometimes senior management doesn’t trust the validity of information they receive requiring extensive manual effort to provide confidence

… you are experiencing:

  • Important information needs are frequently met in an ad hoc and inefficient manner or left entirely unfulfilled
  • Difficulty establishing clear IT priorities and making sure that what is important is what gets done
  • Trouble keeping track of exactly what’s been done (or done before), what has yet to be done, what is and isn’t going to get done by IT and or business resources to meet information needs and when
  • An inability to keep focus on what’s truly important as the information or IT crises de jour takes precedence

If you are experiencing one or more of these issues, resulting in recurring unanticipated costs, missed opportunities, and something less than real satisfaction with IT, please schedule a meeting,  call us or send us an e-mail so we can discuss your situation. We can then mutually determine if it makes sense for us to work together to reduce or eliminate your issues and restore satisfaction with IT.