Client Feedback

Last February [2019], Joe led one of the best workshops our organization had experienced in the last year. In terms of his knowledge, ability to tie his experience into our organization’s strategic direction, and preparedness of familiarizing with the pre-event material. Without a doubt, Joe set the new standard high water mark for subsequent workshops, consultants, and on-site events. 

Project Manager, Cabell-Marshall ACO

Joe is a true leader. He was instrumental in revamping the IT department and its relationship to the larger organization, instituting new processes, new equipment, and new software. Joe’s leadership and guidance was absolutely necessary to bring such a huge task to success.

Senior Manager, County of Bucks

Joe provides a great combination of a wealth of knowledge and skill. His ability to understand and present information and solutions in the ever changing regulatory environment of healthcare is one of the important skills I witnessed when working with Joe. Not only intelligent and organized, Joe is personable and able to make his clients feel at ease with real solutions and tools.

Manager, Champlain Valley Physicians Hospital Medical Center