About Us

Joe Magid, President

Gryphon Solutions is Joe Magid’s second company. Joe’s first, Gryphon Systems, Inc., had a fourteen-year run starting out as a CASE tool re-seller with consulting and training wrapped around the system modeling software (think data models, process models, etc.). After several years, an internally developed strategic management software package, Strategy Roundtable™ was added to the mix, along with associated training and strategy related consulting.

The current iteration follows seven-year stints at ING and Siemens Healthcare/Cerner Corp. (Cerner acquired Siemens Healthcare in 2015), where Joe gained additional experience managing large technical projects and provided analytics related management consulting to large healthcare systems.

Today, we partner with several area management and IT consulting firms as well as a number of independent consultants, ensuring our ability to address a wide range of client needs.

Doug Brown, Affiliate Consultant

One of our partners (and a long-time friend), Doug Brown, provides platforms for databases, Big Data, and traditional data warehousing. Doug also provides database architecture solutions and is a Data Science enthusiast.

Doug has an extensive background in enterprise data technologies, strategies and methodologies. Known for thought leadership, Doug has demonstrated his ability to provide expert hands on management together with deep subject matter expertise for teams and complex projects.

Doug is an accomplished Entrepreneur, Mentor and Tech-repreneur with 25+ years of experience ranging from systems development to provider of database technology solutions (RDBMS, NoSql) and related emerging technologies.